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"We had a great experience building our new site with T-sign's enterprise CMS solution," Joshua Tremblay, Manager Operations & Optimization explains. "Despite our short project schedule, the T-sign team created multiple flexible templates that made updating content easy for both new and experienced users."

For its new social action website the media enterprise which was founded in 2004 by Jeff Skoll, opted for T-sign Studios as their lead agency. The new online offer introduces the company Participant Media and its productions to the website’s visitors in a motivating way and aims at inspiring them to actively participate in making a positive social change in the world. Thus, in addition to every presented film, five tangible tips are given pointing to what each and every one of us can directly do to alleviate the problems that constitute the subject matter of the particular title. Through the new social action website visitors can access international relief organizations such as Amnesty International, the Gates Foundation and many more, which have been integrated into the online offer according to their specific context. For each issue the user can choose from a variety of possibilities and materials to actively take part in official programs and actions of the relief organizations.

The decision for the underlying content management technology was made in favor of our enterprise CMS solution after a three-stage selection process due to its easy to learn and easy to use interface, as well as its scalability and competitive price.

Participant Media is a media enterprise with headquarter in Beverly Hills that focuses on the production of socially relevant films, documentaries, TV programs as well as print and digital media. The company is directed by CEO Jim Berk and was founded in 2004 by Jeff Skoll who presides over the supervisory board.  Participant Media tells stories that are exciting as well as entertaining and at the same time highlight the truly momentous things in our lives. For each of its projects Participant Media launches a far-reaching Social Action Program and forms interest groups in order to originate individual and collective activities based on the ideas and inspirations of a film.

Participant Media’s productions include films like „The Kite Runner“, „Charlie Wilson’s War“, „Darfur Now“, „An Inconvenient Truth“, „Good Night and Good Luck“, „Syriana“, „Standard Operating Procedure“ and „The Visitor“. Not only do Hollywood Stars like George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Robert Downey Junior, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Donald Sutherland perform in front of the camera but also internationally renowned artists such as Sheryl Crow or politicians are active for and in the company’s productions. Al Gore, vice president of the USA under Bill Clinton, points to the global climate change in „An Inconvenient Truth“.



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