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Jollydays – Facebook High Performance Marketing

Client: Jollydays – Facebook High Performance Marketing

Jollydays is one of Austrias leading attraction providers, offering over 6.000 attractions just like "Dinner in the Sky", "Skydiving", "KTM X-Bow Racing Experiences" or "A romantic wellness weekend in one of 100s of hotels and spa ressort". The challenge he faced us with was to improve his facebook triggered online sales. We developed the strategy to increase the awareness (note: market was Austria, Europe) in the wide audience, retarget this audience with traffic campaigns targeting sales and then go a third round by optimizing the campaign target to "Add to Cart" to almost "force" them to buy the clients attractive products.

The attribution window we chose was 1-day-view / 1-day-click and we totally reached about 250,000 people with a frequency of 7. Some campaigns even higher than that. With a little more than EUR 11,200 we generated 1,500 purchases and a revenue of EUR 187k. This means that the ROAS = Return Of Ad Spending was 16.64. For further information or if you would like us to tune up your facebook performance campaigns feel free to contact us.



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