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ili Luxury Brands

Client: ili Brands

Premium Branding

Apart from creating websites another one of T-signs guilty pleasures is to create a branding strategy for clients. It’s not just about a logo – branding is much more than that.

Our client came to us with the following requirements for an international logo branding:

Create brand for a FMCG “premium hand-sanitizer”.

Make the brand high-end, luxurious looking and appealing to n international audience.

Make it sexy and glossy.

Try to keep it simple so it will also look nice when printed in black/white.

And last but not least we should create 3 different labels for the high-end transparent dispenser bottles and boxes which will be presented to buyers, airlines and hotels all over the world.

Together with A-list photographer Tracey Morris, we worked on the images for this brand.

During the process we designed more than 30 different logos and included 3D rendering into our preview so the client can see how the labels will look like before actually going in productions test runs.



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