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Chef Thomas Sixt by Zepter

Client: Thomas Sixt, Zepter International

Zepter International is one of the world's leading direct selling companies, marketing high-quality products through direct sales with more than 100,000 sales representatives in over 30 countries under the motto "striving for a longer life". As Facebook performance marketing professionals, we have now created a win-win situation in collaboration with the renowned chef and food blogger Thomas Sixt, and offer the Zepter Group's outstanding products with price advantages to a limited and select audience.

Personality-based Performance Marketing

We live in a time of media overload and distraction. Based on this fact, we have further developed personality-based communication to bring excellent products to the people who really care. By addressing the target groups in a special way, we can address people in the way they like and help and support them at the right place.

Durable products for daily use

The Zepter Group's convincing products inspire professionals and people who want high-quality products for everyday use.

Cooking pots and pans

The cooking pots and pans of the Masterpiece Cookware series, with new non-stick properties without coating, are inspiring international star chefs such as Alain Ducasse and professional chef Thomas Sixt.

Convincing: 30 years warranty on cooking pots and pans is offered by very few manufacturers. Healthy cooking without the addition of water and frying without fat works with these cooking utensils on all types of stove and allows a simple and healthy change of diet.

Vacsy vacuum unit

With the Vacsy you can easily preserve food in your own household. This reduces the spoilage of food in the refrigerator. This saves your wallet and the planet. For Vacsy there are suitable storage boxes with lid, cling film was yesterday, the device helps to reduce waste. With the Vacsy, food can also be directly vacuumed in the sceptre pots, which also saves time when washing up and is practical.

Kitchen knifes from Solingen

The kitchen knives from Solingen bring safety and sharpness to the kitchen board. Chef Thomas Sixt, who has held cooking courses with more than 10,000 customers, believes that the sharp kitchen knife is the best accident prevention measure. A blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife because the blade can break out and you automatically increase the pressure when cutting. Thomas Sixt recommends the Zepter kitchen knives and supports with tips and tricks around cutting in the kitchen.

Room air purifier, in times of Corona a good idea

With the Zepter Therapy Air® iOn, the Zepter Group has once again launched a test winning product. The Therapy Air® iON indoor air purifier reduces aerosols and purifies indoor air up to 130 m2.

Germs and pollutants such as the notorious corona viruses don't stand a chance! The room air purifier device reliably filters the ambient air and provides fresh, stimulating room air through an ionizer. In times of Corona there is no better device. Pleasant side effect: complaints caused by allergies disappear, the enriched air increases concentration and performance and reduces chronic fatigue.

Recipes from professional chef Thomas Sixt

We love to cook and that's why we want to present some exciting recipes from Thomas Sixt today:

Roulades -
Roast goose -
Wiener Schnitzel -
Roast pork -
Potato gratin -
Potato pancakes -
Oven vegetables -
Ratatouille -
Apple strudel -
Pancakes -
Marble cake -

Method in Social Media High Performance Marketing

All people are different and therefore motivated for different reasons to first decide on a recipe and then to purchase a product recommended in this recipe. Who here very specifically address the different communication channels of the respective personality types to meet the ideal purchase incentive and thus achieve the best possible conversion. The project will start in mid-November 2020.



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