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White Swan – Movie Poster

T-SIGN partners with movie studios for ad, marketing and website campaigns

Over the years, T-sign Studios has led the film industry in web design and media marking.  Working on over 50 titles in the past few years, including big-ticket films like ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, ‘Syriana’, and ‘Zodiac’, T-sign has been heavily involved in media and press projects around the US and globe.

Hired to create poster project for big budget Christian Slater Movie:

Also in 2012, T-sign was approached by a major production company to create the advertising for the Christian Slater movie, White Swan. T-sign’s multimedia design team took on the assignment and created the poster that was used for advertising in movie theaters.

Print Design demands true multimedia Design Talent:

With a multimillion dollar budget invested in the White Swan film, it was crucial that the final poster design had the ability to convert consumers, passers-by and theater-goers into ticket-holders.  T-sign Studios recognized that an investment of that magnitude required high caliber poster design.  T-sign was proud to achieve all of these objectives for the White Swan production, and the final finished product was used as the advertising art for White Swan.  While online web-design and app development is our focus, we can also make your print project ideas a reality.