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The Korn / Ferry Institute – New Website

T-sign Studios presents the new Korn/Ferry Institute Website: Two become One

T-sign worked with Korn/Ferry on their vision for the new site, helped them choose a new CMS and overcome the challenges of site-duplication. We are pleased to present the new Korn/Ferry Institute website,

The industry leader for best practice solutions in organization, leadership and human capital investment, The Korn/Ferry institute provided the team at T-sign with an interesting challenge when two separate websites had to be consolidated for the relaunch of Korn/Ferry.

Overcoming the challenges of site duplication:

Site consolidation might seem like an easy project.  However, it is not a task without risk.  Site functionality can vary greatly and loyal website visitors may rely on one URL address more than the other.  It’s no wonder the Korn/Ferry Institute turned to T-sign Studios, not only for web consulting but for overall guidance and management of the project.

Drupal CMS as a Web Solution:

T-sign worked with Korn/Ferry to provide the perfect solution for the merging of their two websites into one. Using the Drupal CMS platform – an effective CMS used by the likes of the White House, Popsci and mylifetime - we were able to merge the two sites successfully. Our client Korn/Ferry was very happy with the end result, and the new website was well received by the public. Here at T-sign, we are proud to present the results of our hard work: the new Korn/Ferry Institute website.