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The 12 Absolutes of Leadership Book Website

T-sign designed and launched the book website: The 12 Absolutes of Leadership

T-sign worked with author, and Korn/Ferry CEO, Gary Burnison on the launch of a new website for his latest book: The 12 Absolutes of Leadership. T-sign designed the website to feature a business-like design that matches the tone and subject matter of the book.

T-sign utilized social media icons, an interview with the author, and video to enhance the marketing campaign with a personal message from the author to the consumer. The site allotted a special page to feature material from the book, such as the 12 “Absolutes” Pyramid. The pyramid is made up of building blocks for successful leadership that must be present regardless of the traits of the reader.

12 Absolutes of Leadership website encourages book sales:

The website’s objective was to promote and encourage sales of the newly published book. For that reason, T-sign worked to make the buying process as easy as possible for visitors. At any time website visitors are only a few clicks away from being able to purchase The 12 Absolutes of Leadership.

T-sign Internet Agency focuses on all markets for The 12 Absolutes of Leadership:

Gary Burnison explains to readers how they can improve their abilities as leaders, whether in a start-up business or an established corporation.  Likewise, the book’s material is useful for new graduates just starting their business careers, as well as experienced executives and managers alike. T-sign Studios took great pleasure in launching a website that raised awareness for these diverse groups.