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Talktopic App – Xen

Searching for Interests in the Xen Community just got easier

T-sign has developed another exciting app for the one that makes searching interests and favorites quicker in the Xen world while on the go. The vision was to create an app that allowed users to use their voice when searching for their favorites online in order to add it to their profile quickly and easily.

Nuance Speech recognition software utilized in app development:

The best method of action for this app creation was to use Nuance's speech-recognition software to enhance the user-experience. Nuance also poweres the Siri-software from iPhone and Apple Products - to give users ease of use while on the go. Crisp, clear and precise: the Nuance Speech Recognition software allows users to quickly search for their favorite hobbies and interests without having to repeat themselves.

Introducing the T-sign-developed TalkTopic app for the Xen World:

T-sign introduces the TalkTopic App for to the web community. Just as with INTERESTING , T-sign used the Xen API, as well as Nuance Speech Recognition software during development. Just say the topic you are interested in and TalkTopic will show what the rest of your Xen community thinks. It’s that simple! Users can express their opinion using the TalkTopic app and see what others in the community have to say. Xen Members can quickly add any topic to their Xen interest graph and get feedback from other users in a matter of seconds. T-SIGN was excited to be a part of this app development and is very pleased with the results.