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Roozt – A social responsible shopping Platform

Social Responsible Shopping

There is rarely anyone who has not heard of pages like Groupon, TOMS shoes or Etsy …but what if all these pages would merge into one? This is exactly what ROOZT is all about.

Designing a whole design strategy around a socially responsible shopping platform that is urban and hip was a very desirable assignment for the creative department at T-sign. The client wanted to have a page that is as cutting edge in the design as it was in the concept.

To ensure maximum efficiency we worked very tight together with the executive team of the client. At T-sign that not only means to just have meetings and conf calls, it also means alerting the client via text message when we send out a new round of design comps – just to make sure we don’t lose any time.

A great help for the short timeframe we had at that point were our offices in Europe that ensured a design cycle of nearly 24hrs – which means the feedback we got from the client in the evening was already incorporated in the morning.