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New User Experience for Storage West

T-sign designed the User Experience for Storage West’s Website

T-sign worked with Storage West Self Storage, a fellow Los Angeles-based company, to provide web visitors with a streamlined and easy-to-use web experience.  How users interact with your site, and the experience they have, is enormously important in today’s web based society.  Storage West’s website is effective yet friendly thanks to T-sign’s expertise.

The Art of Information Architecture

Storage West’s website was an interesting challenge for T-sign Studios.  Dealing with heaps of information, especially for a company with operations in four states, was only the beginning – figuring out the best way to present this information to visitors and prospective clients was where T-sign excelled.  The information architecture of a website is its backbone, and without it, the experience that users have is muddled and confusing.

T-sign Studios: the Internet Agency that Keeps Clients and Users in Mind

Storage West Self Storage has a large brick and mortar presence in the southwestern U.S., but had yet to claim their spot on the Internet.  Although, their first site launched in 2000, this current iteration marks the first time that the Storage West took the user experience to a new level.  Easy navigation, a catchy design, modern layout, and the right content have given users an experience on the web that they’ll hope to someday find elsewhere.  T-sign took great pleasure in launching this user-friendly and expertly laid-out website.