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T-sign Internet Agency Takes On Kraco Enterprises Sale Challenges

Los Angeles based web design and web consulting agency, T-sign, worked with Kraco Enterprises for the web site creation of, as well as Kraco’s outlet store

For more than fifty years Kraco Enterprises has sold automotive accessories for the car enthusiast. The fact that Kraco designed an Indy Car at its facility in Compton, California put Kraco on the car-enthusiast map. Kraco wanted to enhance its online presence and selected T-sign as the internet agency to do the job.

Magento Go E-Commerce Software Provides Web Solutions:

Using the Magento GO software - a robust, open-source merchant platform known for its flexibility, as well as user and consumer friendliness - T-sign launched the Kraco Outlet Store site The new website features over thirty products that can be bought directly from Kraco Enterprises, such as seat covers, steering wheel covers, organizational products and much more!

E-Commerce Software creates Kraco Outlet’s Product Catalog:

T-sign Internet Agency selected the Magento GO E-commerce web solution because it gives users the ability to shop not only by product choice, but also by their favorite brand names, such as Ed Hardy. Furthermore, T-sign found that Magento GO allowed the full creation of product descriptions, easy navigation, and a superior shopping experience. Kraco chose T-sign Internet Agency to provide their customers with a shopping experience as tight as the Indy-Car they designed. The result: a thorough, appealing and successful web solution!