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Interesting App – Xen

T-sign Studios brought onboard to create portable interest currency app for

LA-based start-up Xen approached T-sign with a daunting challenge. The goal was to create an app that turns interests into a portable currency for users. Furthermore, the vision required that consumers had total control - they could take their portable currency with them while surfing the web, allowing access only when they see fit to do so.

T-sign Studios solves unique problems for the INTERESTING APP:

Personalization technology isn’t new. However, an interest exchange where people completely own their own profile is. Therefore, T-sign Internet Agency had to meet many unique challenges while developing this app. First of all, signing up had to be easy. T-sign created a sign-up process that could be completed in less than ten minutes. Secondly, users mandated complete control of the app so that users can interact with brands securely and responsibly.

Introducing the INTERESTING APP for

T-sign Studios developed the INTERESTING app using the XEN API. Designed for an "insight experience" like no other, Xen community members can use Interesting to add new topics to their Xen account keeping it the most comprehensive, accurate and useful online social-media profile in existence on the web. T-sign was happy to come onboard and help in the development and creation of this revolutionary app for the Xen community members.