In the past 2 years the focus on online sales has increased significantly. Many businesses have noticed that there are some shortcomings in this area and their focus needs to pivot accordingly for a fully rounded customer experience.

In addition to a good product and good marketing, it takes a lot more to create ideal conditions for good and efficient online sales.

How to start?
We created a checklist for you to use.

The Basics

  • Online Shop
    • Is the customer experience good?
    • How easy is it to find a product?
    • How simple is the checkout process?
    • How fast (PageSpeed) is the website?
    • Is it SEO optimized?
    • Do I track everything critical?
    • Do I already use 1st party data instead of 3rd party in tracking?
  • Search engine optimization
    • Do I know what my customers are looking for?
    • Are all relevant keywords on my website?
    • Have I integrated SEO measures on top of that? If YES, which ones?

Social Media, CRM, Marketing

  • Know Your Customer
    • What do I know about my customers?
    • Why do they love my products?
    • Where do I reach my customers? (On which channels, when?)
    • Which personality types prefer to buy than others?
    • What is important to these personality types?
  • Social Media
    • Am I well represented in the media relevant to my product and my customers?
    • How well is the interaction with my customers, or my customers with the product?
    • Do I contemplate suggestions for improvements to the product and/or service from the community?
  • Return Customer
    • How high is my customer churn? If high, do I know why?
    • How good is my database of regular customers and how satisfied are my regular customers?
    • Am I reaching my regular customers on the channels they want? (Newsletter, social media, phone?) – and they me?
  • Marketing
    • How measurable are my marketing activities?
    • Do I know my overall marketing performance?
    • Am I already doing personality type optimized performance marketing?
    • How quickly does feedback from performance marketing flow into my product development?
    • Are my goals clearly defined and am I achieving them?

Everyone should ask themselves these 25 questions to see WHERE they stand in the world of online sales.