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Frank Lloyd Wright – Home & Studio – iPad App



Prolific and visionary, Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most influential architects of the modern age. In 1889, Wright completed his first independent project, a home for his family. Wright’s Oak Park Home and Studio served as his residence and workplace for the first twenty years of his career. Wright revised the design of the building multiple times, continually refining ideas that would shape his work for decades to come.

It was at his Oak Park Studio that Wright pioneered his visionary Prairie style. Inspired by the expansive landscape of America’s Midwest, the Prairie style was the first uniquely American architectural style of what has been called “the American Century.” The Oak Park Studio years were an incredibly prolific period in Wright’s career, with more than a third of his life’s work produced at the site between 1898 and 1909. Contributing to the legacy of Wright’s Prairie years were a group of talented young draftsmen, architects and artists drawn to the Studio by Wright’s vision.

The birthplace of Wright’s new American architecture, the Home and Studio offers a remarkable insight into the origins of one of the twentieth century’s greatest architects.