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Eames Designs – New Website

Brand new Website for the Legacy of Charles and Ray Eames.

For the past couple of month T-sign has worked very close with the Eames Office, who is committed to carry on the legacy of Charles and Ray Eames, to develop a website, which is a rich encyclopedia of all Eames Designs as well as used for communication with the Design, Research and Educational Community.

Charles and Ray Eames are among the most important American designers of the 20th century. They are best known for their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design (e.g., the Eames Chair), industrial design and manufacturing, and the photographic arts.

The website will be an ongoing effort of the Eames Office to make the huge Catalog of Eames Design Pieces (including Buildings, Exhibitions, Film and many more) and a Library of Eames Publications, Interviews and History available to the public.

Part of the website is the Eames Spotting section, which will show the variety of Eames Designs in todays life. You can find celebrities like Madonna or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sitting on Eames Furniture, see Eames items in funny commercials like Priceline's latest with William Shatner or check out some old vintage ads like this IBM classic.

It has been an honor for T-sign Studios to be part of the project.