“Starting the new year with a new project is always exciting.

In the case of CXC Simulations it’s very interesting as this is the 3rd major website overhaul since we came on board as agency in 2009. Back then the company was still in startup mode and the focus was on developing and improving their products and naturally the website was a result of a ‘built at home’ DYI effort.

During our 20+ years of working with clients we always enjoy it the most when we can be part of the initial growth period and elevate brands to the next level.

At that time we started our cooperation with CXC Simulations we not only updated the brand CI but also build their first new website with a full featured Product Configurator.

1st CXC Simulations Website launch – 2010

The result was as hoped. People took notice and sales increased. Additionally to the website re-built a full on SEO /SEM strategy was put in place and from being deep down the abyss of Google result pages within a few month CXC Simulations most important keyword ‘racing simulator’ didn’t only place them on the first page, but even on the top spot of search results.

Next Version: 2013

With the quick growth of the company the demand for new features and new updates to the websites was growing accordingly. Within a few years CXC Simulations went from an one man startup company to the global market leader in full motion racing simulators with a big factory in Los Angeles. This required a big update and we delivered a brand new website in 2013

2nd CXC Simulations Website launch – 2013

Not just an update to the website was done in 2013 but also the brand was refreshed again for a new look.

Fast forward to 2021. Over the past 8 years the website has received multiple updates and smaller facelifts but it was time again to look into new features and re-built from scratch.

The new website was launched in January of 2022: https://www.cxcsimulations.com/

With an updated product configurator.

Inside the Configurator the customer is now able to scan (or click) and place the simulator in their own environment. Check the sample below how this works.

Using AR Technology to showcase your product.

And of course for us it’s important to achieve high Google PageSpeed scores. For CXC Simulations we were able to achieve a Desktop Speed of 100 (Taken March 8, 2022).